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About Whitworth Care

Care philosophy

We are trusted carers and are committed whole-heartedly to meeting our residents’ needs, going beyond general care needs to ensure physical and emotional wellbeing.

We recognize the decision to move into care can be a difficult one, and we tailor our assessments, care plans and training to ensure we meet individual and specific needs.

We have created a community at Barley View that looks after each other and cares for all, and that’s why we offer many opportunities to feel like you are ‘at home’, not ‘in a home’. This is one of the things about Whitworth Care that motivates and guides our approach.

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Care team

We employ people who demonstrate a passion for exceptional care, and we invest heavily in training to ensure that the essential elements of respect and dignity are built into all care procedures and processes.

We are part of The Calico Group and, together, we have a proven value base and a caring attitude. We pride ourselves on an excellent reputation and a welcoming, friendly environment.

We aim to encourage our residents’ involvement in helping us to recruit staff who are passionate about supporting residents to live well and feel valued.

We ensure all staff are placed on a comprehensive training programme that is based on industry best practise. We also ensure that all staff have their own learning and development portfolios to encourage growth and effective working.

Our care team are trained to work with people living with dementia, and we cater to these needs through higher staff ratios so we can spend more time looking after our residents and getting to know them.

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Types of care

residential care

Our first floor community Forest Grove is designed for residents who are ageing well and have made the choice to live within a care home community.

Rather than being isolated in their own homes, they benefit from a wide range of support and companionship. From help with dressing and daily living activities to regular meals and easy access to visiting external professionals such as GPs, residents benefit from a safe, secure and welcoming environment.

Our residents are encouraged to enjoy their lives exactly as they did when they lived at home through activities in the local community and within the care home.

dementia care

Willow Lane, located on the ground floor at Barley View, is a community that provides a safe, secure and responsive environment for the effective care of people living with dementia.

As a purpose-built home, special care has been taken to provide relaxing and harmonious decoration for those living with dementia. From simple touches such as colour specific designated areas and easy to identify signage, to objects of interest for engagement, residents can familiarise themselves with their surroundings and feel safe and secure.

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