Lady in chairResidential Care

Finding the right care home can be hard.

Whether you are looking for yourself or a member of your family, we all want to be certain that we are receiving the best quality care possible.

Consider Whitworth Care your ‘home from home’. Formed in 1976, we are a local charity which provides a range of services, including Sunnyside Rest Home, and Sunnybank Day Centre, which offers Day Care, Luncheon Club and Meals on Wheels.

As an organisation, we are already well established within the community, and our services are delivered by staff from the area.

We aim to provide quality services that make a difference to people’s lives.

We will deliver this through six key areas of regulation:

  • Involvement and information
  • Personalised care, treatment and support
  • Safeguarding and safety
  • Suitability of staffing
  • Quality and management
  • Suitability of management.